Radiant Floor Heating for Ice and Snow Melting Applications


Since the introduction of oxygen barrier PEX to radiant floor heating applications, more and more uses for this method have become available. A majority of people have started using the tubing for outside applications such as ice and snow melting. This isn’t far from the original applications of the tubing which include plumbing, potable water, and hydronic radiant heating. The ability to use the hydronic radiant heating method to deice and melt frozen water is genius. Everyone goes through the hassle of harsh winter weather, may it be shoveling the snow or slipping in ice, well no more!

Radiant floor heating is now being used on a much larger scale spreading over many different applications for residential, commercial, and industrial uses. Snow and ice melting systems are heavily used in residential applications for driveways and walkways to prevent accidents. They are also used in commercial applications like parking lots, stadiums, and airplane runways. Industrial uses for the application rely solely on the company, and therefore have no limit. Simply put, if having snow or ice in an area is unproductive, then it can be removed.


Applicable fields:

  • Driveways
  • Walkways
  • Parking lots
  • Stadiums
  • Airplane runways


Ice melting applications are a bit different than the usual hydronic heating method. This method uses a mixture of water and propylene or food grade glycol commonly known as antifreeze. These variables are then mixed into a PEX tube of a large diameter and circulated in a closed loop system. This system is usually set up under structural slabs, asphalt, or paving bricks. At the touch of a button the user can simply evaporate all the snow or ice from their property without any stressful procedures. Obviously this process is not instant, but it is instantly effective, saving the user countless amounts of time and struggle.


Throughout the years, ice and snow melting applications have become a thing of the future. The hassle of dealing with Mother Nature has now been solved yet again. Every century there has been an inventive strategy to help mankind solve its problems. From the advances in plumbing and heating brought to our lives by these inventors, we are now given the gift of hydronic radiant floor heating for snow and ice melting applications.


























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